What we do


Umera Organic Chicken

Organic chicken are chicken that are reared right from day old till when ripe for consumption without the use of vaccine and or chemical substance.
Umera organic Broiler chickens are thus unique in every respect. Yes, taking antibiotics unnecessarily creates health challenges both in humans and animals. This is why Umera Organic Chicken is good for you.

We administer herbal and vegetables juice with adequate nutrients to our chickens instead of vaccines. As a result, they have low cholesterol, rich in calcium and other nutrients. They are also good for the heart. An organic chicken helps to prevent ingestion of vaccines remaining in the blood stream of animals (Chicken) and helps to enhance healthy living in humans.

Umera Eggs

Rearing in a highly hygienic environment, our Laying birds are managed consciously just like our broiler birds. This makes our egg a good choice of protein for daily. From rearing to sharing and distribution, our approach is
We rear in our highly conducive ranch that would guarantee you optimum satisfaction however you want it. All fresh from farm to table. We sell as whole cow, and as well share in slot. We also sell cow part.

Umera Fish

All organically fed to the best sizes and richness you can find out there. We provide an ever-fresh environment that gives the same deep water comfort to our fish. What’s more interesting is they are quite affordable. For retail sales or personal consumption both as fresh fish and smoked fish.

Real Estate

Umera farms LTD being a multi-million naira worth agricultural venture engages in Livestock Farming (which includes broilers, egg production, cattle, and fishery) and Cashew Plantation.
Umera farms has found it necessary to venture into agriculture, in order to bridge the gap in national and global food scarcity and shortage. Amongst our entire project is the Nutty Park Cashew Plantation; the trans-generational investment.
Nutty Park is a leading cashew nut plantation and investment company, a subsidiary of Umera farms. We are a business driven by excellence towards our set objective, which is to help our investors earn profits while contributing to global food security through cashew cultivation and processing.
Sitting on over 1000 acres of land and still expanding, the plantation deals majorly with cultivation of cashew plantation, management, sales and exportation of cashew nuts.
To be a part of this, all you need do is invest in the NuttyPark Cashew plantation. This investment can be done in numerous ways. It can be done individually, done as family members, done as friends and also can be done through a cooperative society.

The investment cost comprises the cost of land and the cost of land set-up. To learn more about hoe this investment works and how you can partake, kindly visit


Umera investment, a co-operative platform for our clients. At UMèRA we know that some of our clients would prefer to save up to get to their investment goals. In other for us to serve you better, UMèRA launched her investment wing to make your goals more easier to achieve. With these you can own agricultural real estate and start earning passive income in good time. The money you invest belongs to you and is being saved up towards funding your agricultural dreams of passive income.


As part of our investment bonus, we offer free agricultural training to all of our investors. This training comprises of Livestock Training in Broiler Farming, Fish
Farming, Cattle rearing, egg production, egg hatching, pig farming among other training like . like pineapple plantation, banana plantation, poultry farming, feed mill business etc.
The purpose of this training is to teach and train our investor on how to growth wealth through agriculture.