What do you want to know?

What is the Nutty Park cashew plantation all about?

The Nutty Park cashew plantation arose from a desire to address Africa’s growing food insecurity. Cashew demand is increasing year after year as people around the world become more conscious of the importance of eating healthy foods.

Who/which organization are those buying farmland dealing with?

The entire process will be handled by the UMéRA Team

Where is the land located?

The land is situated at San-San Village, along Kajola Adafia Rd, Orire Local Government Area, Ogbomoso, Oyo state. 

Are there any other hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges. However, the cost of the Deed of Assignment and survey plan documents are to be borne by farm owners.

Are there any encumbrances on the land?

The Land is free from government acquisition and adverse claims.

Can I make payment by instalment?

Yes, you can make payment by instalment, an initial thirty percent (30%) deposit of the current value of the farmland however, the payment must be made between six (6) months of the first Instalment.

Can I get a refund for my instalment payment (deposit)?

Payments made to UMéRA Farms Account are non-refundable, however, where there is a convincing reason for a refund, administrative charges will be applied.

Is my farmland secured?

Yes, your farm is secured.
we have armed security men all around the farm.

What are the limits of farm owners' access? Can they live on the farm, roast corn, pluck cashew, etc.

Farm owners have access, however as earlier mentioned, due to the risk of theft, it must be controlled. Nutty Park has thousands of acres and we must ensure top-notch security.

Can I resell my farm?

Yes, but only to someone interested in continuing with the farming plan.

Is the land Government land?

No, the land is private land, owned by UMéRA Farms Nig Limited.

Will I receive a project update after buying my farm?

As a farm owner, you will receive personal updates on your farm plan.

When will I get the document?

The MOA will be issued within two weeks after confirmation of payment.

Can I visit my farm?

Yes, you can visit your farm, however, you have to fix an appointment with the Company management for the farm visitation so as to make proper preparation in terms of logistics and security.