Here are some answers to frequently asked questions

1. ROI is 30% in 1year?

The ROI on this is 30% in a year, the investment runs from April first 2021 to March 31st 2022.

2. What happens to your initial investment after 1 year?

At the expiration of the contract both the initial deposit and the ROI is returned to all investors.

3. Are they investing in only cassava production?

No, UMERA FARMS, does not only invest in Cassava production, this is only a project out of the multiple investment opportunities we have @ UMERA FARMS and it  basically for Cassava production.

4. Do they already have market for the cassava harvested?

Yes , we have markets for the cassava produced from  the plantation.

5. Can I pay in instalments?

No, this investment plan does not accommodate installmental payment.

6. Will I be able to inspect the farm?

Yes, there is room for farm visitation.

7. Will I own the farm?

No, you are only buying the investment slot.

8. Can I renew my investment?

Yes, you can but terms and conditions apply.

9. What if the farm gets damaged?

We have insurance to cover this.

10. Can I pay for slots collectively?

Yes, you can pay collectively, with a concrete agreement between all parties involved.

11. Can I update payment should incise I decide to buy more?

Yes, you can. so far slots are still available.