Cashew Farming: A multi-billion agribusiness in Nigeria

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Cashew Farming: A multi-billion agribusiness in Nigeria

by Esther Adewoye

Cashew farming in Nigeria

It’s no news that cashew has a long and interesting history that goes back centuries, and it is believed to have originated in Brazil. The tree is now grown around the world in countries like the Philippines, India, the Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Vietnam, Benin, Indonesia, Nigeria, and so on.

As a leader in cashew farming in Nigeria, Umera Farms is proud to be a part of a thriving industry that has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. Cashew farming has emerged as a multimillion-dollar agribusiness in Nigeria, and we are excited to share with you how this industry has transformed into a lucrative opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs, and farmers.

Nigeria is the fourth-largest producer of cashew nuts in the world, with about 350,000 metric tons of cashews produced annually according to NCAN (National Cashew Association of Nigeria). The country’s favorable climate, which provides long rainy seasons and dry weather, has made it an ideal location for cashew farming. The demand for cashews in the global market has also been on the rise, with the industry valued at over $6.5 billion in 2021, and expected market value to reach US$ 8.89 Billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.42% during 2022-2027 according to IMARC.

At Umera Farms, we take pride in growing and producing the finest cashew nuts in Nigeria. Our cashew nuts are carefully harvested, sorted, and exported.

One of the significant advantages of cashew farming is its low maintenance requirements and high yield. Depending on the breed, cashew trees take three to five years to reach maturity. After that, they can yield fruit for more than 30 years. Cashew nuts are collected once a year and either locally or shipped to other markets. As a result, cashew cultivation has become an appealing and profitable industry for investors and entrepreneurs.

The Nigerian government has also recognized the potential of the cashew farming industry, providing support through various initiatives, including the Cashew Development Project. The project aims to promote cashew farming by providing training and support to farmers, improving access to markets, and enhancing the value chain of the cashew industry.

Umera Farms through our Nuttypark Cashew Plantation is dedicated to the sustainable and responsible farming of cashews, as well as the development of wealth through agriculture. We value environmental preservation and take initiatives to lower our carbon footprint, reduce waste, and promote biodiversity on our farms. Our cashew growing procedures are not only environmentally friendly, but they also ensure that our cashews are of the finest quality, which is critical to our success as a top cashew producer in Nigeria.

Finally, cashew farming is a multibillion-dollar agribusiness in Nigeria that offers several prospects for investors, entrepreneurs, and farmers. Umera Farms is happy to contribute to the growth and success of this dynamic industry as an industry leader. We encourage you to come to our farm and make money while helping to ensure global food security through cashew production and processing.

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